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Pioneer Bay, Orpheus Island giant clams


To see video clips of giant clam culture at Orpheus Island [North Queensland, Australia) taken in 1987 by Mr. Gerald Heslinga (of Indo-Pacific Seafarms, Kona, Hawaii) look at the following three video clips on YouTube:

  1. Making an intertidal clam nursery, Dr. Rick Braley (Orpheus Island, Australia)


  1. Dr. John Lucas (James Cook University)


  1. Orpheus Island clam nursery (Australia)



There is also a good video clip by Gerald Heslinga taken of the giant clam culture in Palau in the mid 1990s:

  1. Clams to Cash (Palau)



Cultured Tridacna gigas at White Lady Bay, Magnetic Island


27-day old Amphiprion percula, the true clown anemonefish with anemone coral.

Microalgae culture at Aquasearch Lab, Magnetic Island

Plantigrade of Tridacna gigas showing probing foot


Trochus niloticus, the commercial top shell placed in tank for induction of spawning


Commercial trochus embryo with gel-like pitted chorion around the embryo.

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updated 3 November 2015

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